Bumpdate: Week 32

32 weeks.

32 weeks feeding the giraffe with Auntie and Ella.

Getting wild as we feed the giraffe. I love Ella’s surprise.

Weight: 27 lbs as of my Doctor’s visit Friday.

Sex: As Ella continues to insist Baby is a girl, mommy is back to believing it too. At this point, I am preparing for both.

Craving: Yogurt. Ice cream. Deli meat and French fries.

Aversions: Nothing really stands out this week.

Symptoms: Lots of pressure and ALWAYS needing to pee, leg cramps, heart burn is intensifying, achy muscles everywhere, a bump that is getting huge…yet somehow I manage to forget that I am pregnant at least once a day.

Gestational Diabetes: I tried to get back on the horse this week and have been pretty good about testing 4 times a day, as prescribed. There may have been a few slip ups where I forgot but I am learning a new routine. My numbers have been EVERYWHERE; sometimes they are right on track, other times low, and more concerning I have been seeing an increase in high numbers. I am attributing the high numbers to a toddler’s sticky fingers and a mom habit of licking off whatever goo Ella gets on me. My lunch of couscous and tuna seem to be magic for my numbers, but 4 large broccoli chunks and maybe 1/3 cup of mac’n’cheese put me over; and that was a healthy meal I thought. My nightly bowl of ice cream seems to put overnight numbers just barely over and this mama can’t give up her ice cream. I know this is serious and I need to get it in check for my and baby’s health but lifestyle changes do not happen in 2 to 3 weeks.

Mood: Anxious, so much to do and too little time to do it in; and happy, feeling sea monkey move makes me smile and nostalgic remembering these late days of pregnancy with Ella inside me and how wonderful she has grown to be.

Sleep: I want all the sleep until it is bedtime. Apparently, the trick is getting to sleep. I am finding that I sleep well enough once I get to sleep. I wake up to switch sides when my hips begin to ache but can usually get back down easily enough. This is not the case when I have to wake up to pee or tend to Ella.

Missing: Having energy, not aching.

Exercise: Walking and toddler carrying, a few squats and cat-cows while plying with Ella.

Clothing: I was surprised how pretty I felt this week. I enjoyed skirts and dresses and bright colours, and flip flops. Real shoes aren’t happening anymore.

Nesting: Absolutely nothing still. We bought sea monkey’s car seat for 35% off and toured the hospital. Baby steps, I guess, though it seems a lot late for baby steps. Oh, and I am now planning a BaByQ to celebrate this baby because I don’t have enough to do.

Baby’s Position: Head down but at angle so I can feel baby’s head riding in my hip bone.

Toddler: 19 months old and it still amazes me how much changes month to month. This is why mom’s refer to their kids in months, it says so much more about where a child is developmentally. Ella has started cutting her lower eye teeth, and her vocabulary expands everyday. I am reminding everyone that they need to watch their P’s and Q’s because she will copy a bad word and keep it in her regular rotation of words.

Highlight of the Week: Going to the zoo with my sister even though so many things were still closed due to hurricane cleanup. Ella “helped” feed a giraffe, though she was too scared to hold the lettuce herself. Touring the hospital takes second place. It is such a piece of mind to have an idea of how the big day will roll before the pain starts.

Looking Forward to: meeting this baby, though I can wait until November; getting Ella’s big girl bedroom set, and everything else that needs to be done before the baby comes. I am looking forward to the BaByQ in October, just not the work I need to put into planning it; and I am still hoping to make it to SeaWorld before I pop.

Thankful for: Paddy, Ella, Family and Friends in general and the love and support they share with us. God and religion for it brings me a surprising amount of peace, always.

What is your favorite part of BBQs and Baby Showers? I am open to ideas!

Check out my Bumpdate page to see where this pregnancy began and how it continued.

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