Bumpdate: Week 34

34 weeks and the danger zone is looming…6 weeks to go!

Weight: 29 lbs. I am feeling like I have this weight gain thing in control and maybe can loose it easier than the 40+ I gained with Ella.

Sex: I am feeling boy this week and kind of struggling with being Team Green. I love the surprise and 100% believe it helped keep me positive during Ella’s labor but I WANT TO KNOW! Just have to stay strong and power through the next 6 weeks; because I am not even considering going early.

Cravings: Ice cream, sour gummy worms, pasta; basically if it is on the No-Go list for gestational diabetes I want it. Popcorn and apples are probably the only things that I crave that are okay on my GD diet.

Aversions: Leftovers, I feel like as soon as cooked food hits the fridge, it has become contaminated/spoiled/generically yucky. Very grown up of me, I know.

Symptoms: Lots of lower abdominal pressure that makes everything uncomfortable, irritability (for which I feel super guilty about all of the time), continued leg cramps, and a belly that looks like I am smuggling a basketball. I mean did you see last week’s picture?!? Seriously.

Gestational Diabetes: I have figured out the magic breakfast for me; whole wheat english muffin with cream cheese and low sugar jam (blackberry lavender or apple mango ginger, being my go-to’s). This keeps my sugar in a lower happy range of 90 to 100. It is not filling but it is delicious and I know I have a snack coming in a couple hours anyways. For lunch, I need to be aware of portion sizes. I guess this goes for dinner too. The difficulty with dinner is if it is not meat and veggies or just veggies, my numbers are high.

Mood: I mentioned irritable in my symptoms but when I am not frustrated and loosing my mind, I am pretty happy to having this life growing within me and to see our family growing.

Sleep: I cannot get enough sleep and have given up on staying up late and still feel empty when my alarm goes of in the morning. As the belly gets bigger, and leg cramps and trips to the bathroom continue, sleep is really becoming less and less revitalizing.

Missing: freedom to eat sweets guilt free

Exercise: I got 3rd in our Work Week Hustle contest last week and it looks like I am going to slide into 3rd again. I am feeling “healthier” as I try to increase my steps and I hope it pays of when delivery day comes. I did 10,000 steps last Friday and I cannot make that a habit; my back and hips were killing me by the end and I couldn’t sleep because my legs were so restless.

Clothing: Why can’t I live in my pajamas? Dresses or leggings are still my top choice for “real” clothing, even if it is not practical for my everyday life.

Nesting: I am starting to clean more and sort of had a freak out about where Baby is going to sleep upon arrival but nothing got done about it, sadly.

Baby’s Position: Head down but still in my hip. Baby turns transverse whenever I take a bath so no more baths; I will miss you.

Toddler: Ella’s personality grew this week, see pictures at the top. It may seem like a strange thing to say but she has become more outgoing and wild this week. She has also increased her love for the belly this week with good morning kisses and “just because” kisses; unfortunately this did not coincide with a decrease in her roughness with the belly. I would guess that may have picked up too. Ella did great with her afternoon with a baby and I now know where our problem areas will be. She has no concept of inside voice and quiet is a foreign concept, which is understandable since she is so little. The most concerning one though was how needy she became when I held the baby. She was not violent and respected the baby’s space but she tried hanging on me and whining; again she was just super needy and wanted nothing to do with Daddy. On the hand, it seems like this is probably normal for her young age.

Highlight of the week: spending time with a friend and her 5 month old baby from San Fran. It is always so nice to catch up with friends and seeing the girls together was adorable.

Looking forward to: BaByQ next week and girlfriend’s brunch at a fancier downtown restaurant on Saturday! I am ready for some me time before baby gets here. Insert mom guilt here.

Thankful for: Sea Monkey growing inside me, Ella snuggles and story time, the time after my dinner test when I can break from my diet. No real damage or risk from my slip and fall accident earlier this week.

Baby keeps growing! Check out my Bumpdate page for my weekly Bump updates.


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