Bumpdate: Week 38

38 weeks and still pregnant!

Rainbow Brite and her 38 week pregnant cat

Weight: down half a pound? So 33.5 lbs gained so far. While it sounds like a lot, the midwife had nothing but praise for my “textbook” weight gain; especially being a gestation diabetes mommy.

Sex: Still team boy, prepared for a girl, but I think I will be honestly surprised if sea monkey is a girl at this point.

Cravings: Sweets and popcorn. I am blaming Halloween.

Aversions: None

Symptoms: a bump that scares people more than any Halloween costume ever could, swollen feet, achy body and even more achy back; some cramps and a few real contractions along with Braxton Hicks for days. Heartburn and moodiness.

Gestational Diabetes: This week I struggled with maintaining my three meals a day, which are supposed to determine when I test. Food sounds good but I don’t have that hungry feeling, it is more of a munchy feeling. So I eat a little bit, a little bit there, but not enough to justify testing an hour after eating a cheese stick, or slices of red pepper and a dollop of hummus, or popcorn. Preggo brain has also meant missed tests as I look at the clock seeing it is past time to test and I forget that I have not tested post lunch; it is always that after lunch test.

Sleep: It gets worse every night and I only stay up long enough to have my bowl of ice cream after Ella goes to sleep. I apparently came close to sleep walking on Saturday night, with a minor exchange after Paddy came to bed; which I have zero recollection of. I am blaming the pregnancy hormones but it does make me more than a little nervous.

Missing: Sleep, eating Halloween candy with the only guilt being that I am going to get fat.

Excerise: More walking. Walking to make this kiddo drop, walking to stay up in my FitBit challenge, wlaking in hopes of a better night sleep. Walking.

Mood: I am super sentimental at this point and on the verge of tears over just about everything.

Toddler: It was a week of firsts for this toddler. Ella had her first night in her big girl bed in her big girl room and she did great. She fell asleep quickly in bed and slept all night and didn’t fall off, even without the rails! The new bed was too excited for a successful naptime but hopefully that will wear off. It was also her first time trick-or-treating since we didn’t see much point in dragging a 9 month old around the neighborhood last year. This year she trick-or-treated through my office, eating her candy almost as quickly as collected it. Mommy slowed her down by refusing to unwrap the candy until it was hopelessly melted and Ella was slurping the chocolatey goodness out of the tiny tears she was able to achieve in the wrapping, and of course she hit up a couple of houses in the neighborhood before dinner on Halloween night.

Nesting: The nursery is officially empty and ready for its new occupant whenever they decide to arrive! I feel a little bad because Ella’s room is basically her bed thrown down in the middle of the room with random boxes pushed against the wall but it is a work in progress. Outlet covers are in and she has a place to sleep, the portable babygate keeps her from midnight wanderings should she wake up; its good enough when this mommy is 38 weeks pregnant.

Baby’s position: Unchanged. Head down, facing left, feet sticking out of my left side 80% of the time

Signs of labor: A few painful contractions here and there, but 3 contractions in a day does not mean it is time to hightail it to the hospital yet.

Highlight of the week: Spending time with family. Halloween obviously being the big one. I love seeing Ella’s smile and hearing her laughter as she scampered from house to house; it felt like a special way to close out this chapter of our lives as a family of three (and now I am about to cry again). We also took Ella out to ride trains with her Granddad, where she took charge in running the electric train; a little too fast and stopping in strange places on the track and holding up traffic. Thankfully most are patient old men happy to see a youngin’ enjoying the hobby they love.

Looking forward to: holding this little squish.

Thankful for: Family and friends, these precious last moments with Ella as my only little one, the cooler weather sticking around, and baby staying in there.

Bring on my November Baby!

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