Bumpdate: Week 39

39 weeks pregnant and still cooking.

Or at least that was the case when I began drafting this post. If you follow my Instagram account, you know that Sea Monkey made their grand entrance a little over a week ago at 39 weeks and 6 days gestation.

Weight: I am down another pound this week, so that puts me at 168 lbs.

Sex: Pretty much dead set that Sea Monkey is going to be a boy. I think I was insisting on a girl because I realize I am going to have to learn a whole new set of mom skills as a boy mom and I am struggling to imagine what our family will look like with the addition of a boy. That said, healthy is my #1 priority.

Cravings: Popcorn and saltiness and sweets, especially my one love, ice cream! At this point basically give me all the food!

Aversions: Meals. I am too pregnant to eat meals, but that creates a whole separate mess with the gestational diabetes.

Sleep: Getting less and less everyday and wanting more and more of it.

Symptoms: Contractions, but nothing that keeps up. Grumpiness, cravings, HUGE belly, crying, swelling feet, lots of pelvic pressure, and a never ending need to pee.

Gestational Diabetes:┬áThe doctors are very please with my numbers and weight gain, along with baby’s measurements from the last growth scan at 37 weeks (which seems like forever ago). I did get in trouble for all of the meals I have been “skipping”. I am eating, just not meals. I want to snack, though graze makes it sounds healthier, rather than sit down and eat a lot in one sitting. And when am I supposed to test when I am not eating enough to really constitute testing and I am munching about every hour. This makes me want to shake my head and say, “Excuses, excuses”.

Missing: Not being huge

Exercise: Trying to walk; it gets more difficult by the day. Doctor suggested squatting with contractions but that is easier said than done.

Mood: Crying and grumpy and a strange underlying happiness that is continuous because I will meet my munchkin soon.

This is the last Bumpdate for my second pregnancy. Thank you for following along and I hope it provided whatever you may have been following along for; entertainment, information, or a sense that your pregnancy more normal than you give it credit for.

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