In an attempt to chronicle and enjoy my pregnancy, I am publishing a week by week, real life account of what is happening in my life. I call them Bumpdates because they are my Bump Updates; terribly clever, probably not, but it makes me smile. Follow along each week as my belly grows towards welcoming my second sea monkey into the world.

38 weeks pregnant with baby #1

Another Little Adventure – 14 weeks

15 Weeks

16 Weeks

17 Weeks

18 Weeks

19 Weeks

20 Weeks – Halfway There!

21 Weeks

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

28 Weeks

29 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

34 Weeks

Unfortunately all my first born, Ella, got was this little post and the beautiful maternity picture above, but I am making it up to her by bringing her along as many of our adventures as possible. The plan is to do the same with this second little one.