Bumpdate: Week 28


28 Weeks Pregnant!

Third Trimester is here!

Bare 28 week belly at the beach.

Sarah and bump kite flying

Sea monkey gets in on the eclipse fun. Got to protect those tiny eyes!

Weight: Probably +21 lbs. The baby books are saying I should expect to gain 11 ish pounds this trimester. This terrifies me because it seems like a lot of weight, even if it would still keep me under the 43 lbs I gained during Ella’s pregnancy.

Sex: I keep thinking of baby as a boy now, but still have a nagging feeling that baby is going to be a girl. I cannot even commit to my guess as to what this baby will be. I can however guarantee it should be human.

Cravings: I don’t know if it counts as a craving, but with my 3 hour glucose test looming, I have been in a “give me all the sweets!” mood. Pumpkin soup.

Aversions: Healthy food, sad but true…this week at least.

Symptoms: A very twitchy bump. Ever increasing heartburn. Aching back and hips (although that can also be attributed to carrying a toddler).

Mood: Happy, grumpy, tired, hungry, anxious. The usual for a pregnant lady.

Sleep: The books weren’t kidding when they said “sleep may become more difficult starting in the 28th week.” Yep, I have gone from sleeping like a brick, to struggling to fall asleep, get comfortable, stay asleep. All of it.

Missing: Wearing a swimsuit without feeling like my boobs are going to fall out.

Exercise: Everyday walking, and swimming and walking in the sand while enjoying a weekend at the beach. Toting a toddler, sand toys, and boogie board up the beach is a difficult workout while 28 weeks pregnant.

Clothing: I rocked my maternity bikini while at the beach, but I also braved the bare bump and wore my pre-preggo bikini too. It felt a little strange running around with my big belly hanging out but I also felt cute preggo; which I know I didn’t feel this late in Ella’s pregnancy. While I don’t believe most superstitions, I do enjoy the spirit of them; so I wore my Griffindor stripe t-shirt on Monday for the solar eclipse. I was not about to miss it and stay inside but one of the “protections” I read about said to wear red. Unfortunately, I don’t have any maternity shirts in red, so I figured red stripes across the belly should work. I did pass on the red panties (it was laundry day and all red pairs were dirty) and safety pins to protect from the bad juju of the eclipse. I continued to wear my bracelets and Fitbit through the eclipse breaking the “don’t touch metal” superstition.

Nesting: Accomplished nothing on this front this week and I can feel the clock ticking. Only 12 weeks to do it all!

Baby Position: I am increasingly certain sea monkey is head down, and staying there for the most part.

Toddler: Ella had a great time at the beach. She enjoyed playing in the sand, seeing all of the birds, and warmed up to playing in the gulf; although her enthusiasm for the water decreased as the size of the waves increased over the weekend.

Highlight of the Week: Beach Weekend. Crepes and shrimp scampi pizza. Sand between my toe, salt air in my lungs, and floating peacefully on the waves. And flying my kite; which only ever happens at the beach. The solar eclipse, although I was not in the path of totality, was pretty cool too.

Looking forward to: Knowing for sure whether I have gestational diabetes. Fernandina Beach for Labor Day!

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