Bumpdate: Week 18

18 Weeks Pregnant

Better late than never; am I right?

Making new friends at the zoo

Weight: 9 lbs? I need a scale so I can keep up with it, rather than being surprised at the Dr’s office.

Sex: The Girl vibes continue to the point that I am thinking about this baby as a daughter and figuring out what of Ella’s clothes can be re-loved by this baby. Part of me is nervous that my mommy-sense is off and here it is in writing how wrong I will be. Healthy is the ultimate goal and one sex is not better than the other.

Cravings: Savory foods, still dreaming of sushi (maybe I can celebrate 20 weeks with some sushi?)

Aversions: None really, this week

Symptoms: Munchies, round ligament pain, expanding belly, leg cramps

Sleep: I have been exhausted, so I have been sleeping really well

Missing: Sushi and alcoholic beverages. I am not a regular drinker but a hard cider sounds fabulous, or a red wine, or champagne

Exercise: 2 hours of skating

Toddler: 16 months! Sleepy and drooly. A tooth is coming and possibly a growth spurt. The cold that started with her, has officially made its way through our house and returned to Ella; hopefully it ends there too.

Highlight of the Week: Early Father’s Day Zoo trip with Opa. It was fun to watch Ella discover the animals and play in the fountains while spending quality time with my dad. I remember him taking my sister and I to the same zoo as kids which made it even more special.

Ella and Opa at the zoo, checking out the turtles

Looking Forward to: the anatomy scan next week! Seeing my sea monkey is always enjoyable and having a healthy scan will make it even better. 

Sorry no bump pictures this week. I try to avoid the awkward cellphone in the mirror selfie but setting up my DSLR ain’t happening with my busy schedule and it is weird asking friends to take a picture of the growing belly. Even Paddy thinks it is weird but will do it after I have a mini tantrum (which I can get away with because I am pregnant).

Follow along as this little adventure continues to grow on my Bumpdate page!


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