Bumpdate: Week 19

19 weeks and 3 days pregnant with Baby #2

19 Weeks Pregnant

19 weeks and 3 days pregnant with Baby #2

Showcasing my glittering personality at the stars meet-n-greet at Skate for Hope

Gender: I can’t shake those girl feelings but also beginning to feel strongly that my mom-sense is wrong.

Weight: +10 ish

Craving: Soup and movie theater popcorn. I want savory flavors but I cannot control myself once I start on sweets.

Aversions: Still no to the leftovers.

Symptoms: Munchies (give me all the food), round ligament pain, lower back pain, and oh yeah, a Bump. My boobs are starting to get perkier too.

Sleep: I think first trimester exhaustion has finally hit me. I want to be asleep by 9 pm at the latest but I want to have fun and (pretend to?) party. Ella’s usual bedtime is 9:30 so my dream bedtime is not happening. Second pregnancy problems, can’t complain too much.

Missing: Being allowed to jump when I am ice skating and my sit spin. I continue to mourn champagne and am trying to convince Paddy that 20 weeks TOTALLY deserves a sushi splurge date.

Exercise: Ice skating and battling a sick toddler

Clothes: Rocked the glitter and spandex again in pregnancy. When will I learn that is not a good look? At least this year’s dress hid the bump better. I broke out the maternity leggings and can someone tell me why I would bother wearing anything else?

Toddler: Shared her cold with Daddy for Father’s Day but I am hoping since we actually had and broke the fever it might finally be really done…if Daddy doesn’t share it with me. Still drooly and still no new teeth. Still clueless about the sibling about to rock her world gestating in the belly she loves so dearly.

Highlight of the Week: Feeling baby from the outside for the first time this weekend! Paddy felt it too and while Ella might have been able to feel the kicks while she was curled up next to it, napping took priority. Second Place goes to skating in Skate for Hope. It was a great time with even better friends for the wonderful cause of cancer charities; throw in meeting and watching the pro skaters on top of that, only baby kicks can beat it.

Looking Forward to: my doctor appointment on Friday (Today!) and seeing sea monkey in there. 4th of July hiking is up in the air, since my aunt will be in town for work that weekend and I have begun to feel guilty about missing the opportunity to see family…



To see where this little adventure began or to follow along as this sea monkey continues to grow, check out my Bumpdate page for week-by-week updates.

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