Bumpdate: Week 20

Sonogram picture of Baby #2 Halfway there and no bump picture to show for it. I guess an awkward sonogram picture of my unborn child will have to do.

20 weeks pregnant!

We are halfway there already! I can’t believe it.

Sonogram picture of Baby #2

Halfway there and no bump picture to show for it. I guess an awkward sonogram picture of my unborn child will have to do.

Sex: Team Green. I was almost certain this sea monkey is a girl, then I allowed my sister to come along for my anatomy scan this week and for some reason agreed to let her know the gender. She said it was “Obvious” what the baby is, so my mind automatically says “You’re wrong! It’s a boy!”. But it could still be a girl, she missed it the first time and had to ask the sonographer to go back again so she could see; and even after wanted to stay behind after the appointment to “make sure” she had the right sex for the baby.

Weight: +11.5 I weighed myself after buying groceries.

Craving: Sleep…Oh, that’s not what goes here? Fine. Savory foods but I will take the sweets too. Red meat has been very appealing this week. And Taco Bell regular crunchy tacos. I hadn’t had them since college but I HAD to have them so I did. Meat, lettuce, cheese; it’s a balanced meal, right?

Aversions: Steamed broccoli but that is because we ate it 4 days in row this week and steamed is not my favorite way to prepare broccoli anywho. But I ate it because it is good for the baby and I maybe enjoyed it a little.

Symptoms: Exhaustion and peeing, all the time peeing, but I am SO thirsty even after drinking 64+ oz of water a day. Lower back pain and round ligament pain continue. I am waiting for the heartburn that I know is coming soon but trying to enjoy my time without it. On the bright side, lots of kicks.

Sleep: I need sleep and I do sleep good most nights; if you overlook the waking up to pee and care for a fussy toddler.

Mood: I get frustrated so easily now. I have actually always been one to get easily frustrated but during pregnancy even the smallest thing frustrate me if they aren’t going the way I think they should in my mind. When I get frustrated, I either cry or scream, not pretty either way.

Missing: Can I say sleep again? And sushi and feeling skinny.

Exercise: Ice skating and life with toddler. I really need to make prenatal exercise videos happen in my life…one day.

Clothes: Still in the awkward phase of too big for my regular pants but too small to really hold up my maternity pants…did I get these things too big?

Toddler: Her drooliness has slowed down a good bit without producing any new teeth. This week she showed signs of, at least, having an idea that a baby is in Mommy’s belly. When my mom asked her to show her where the baby was in a picture book, she pointed to the baby in book, said baby, and then pointed to her belly. It’s a start, let me be excited. Okay?

Highlight of the Week: Anatomy Scan! Sea Monkey was not a fan of the sonogram wand and kept putting tiny hands over their little face.  I love the anatomy scan because it is long, which means a lot of time to watch little one. Everything looked good, but they didn’t get the desired view of the spine so we get to go back again at the end of July. Excited and nervous because I hope everything is good with baby.

Looking Forward to: 4th of July hiking trip in North Carolina. I have everything planned and already know nothing to very little will go as planned, but I am excited anyways. And the cooler weather that will come with it.

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