Bumpdate: Week 22

22 weeks pregnant.

I am beginning to feel like I am always a day late (or week) and a dollar short on posting these but they are a fun way for me to track my pregnancy; and maybe they will entertain another mommy-to-be one day.

Sarah, 22 weeks pregnant, baby wearing toddler Ella at SharkCon.

Hiding my 22 week bump by wearing my toddler at SharkCon. My megladon impression needs some work.

Weight: +15.4 lbs according to the super accurate (hopefully not) Publix scale.

Sex: No idea, I am clueless. I have gone from convinced baby is a girl to convinced baby must be a boy and my mom vibes are off, to straight up admitting defeat…and I still have another 18 weeks to go!

Craving: Mexican and anything I can put mayo on. Salads have been sounding delicious too. Not craving sweets but still can’t put them down once I start. Then WHY do I start on the sweets in the first place?!?

Aversions: Nothing really stands out

Symptoms: A growing bump, lots of movement to be felt inside and out, leg cramps, extra snotty pregnancy nose, and shortness of breath

Mood: Paddy says I have been just as grumpy this pregnancy as I was with Ella’s and 100% disagree. I get frustrated rather easily over little things but not terribly frequently. I may have been a bit of grump this week because he was going on about how amazing he is at getting Ella back down when she gets up in the night, except that is maybe once every couple of weeks if I am lucky and I am the one that gets up with her in mornings, regardless of if it is a school/work day or weekend.

Sleep: Maybe I would seem less grumpy if I got to sleep in sometime? I want sleep but falling asleep is becoming more and more difficult; and sleeping in feels like a pipe dream at this point.

Missing: Competing in figure skating events; I know I look ridiculous pregnant in spandex and I can’t jump or spin anyways but I miss the excitement and comradery that go with it. I will give it to my girls, they invite me out to non-skating nights but I always have other plans.

Exercise: Moves-in-the-field at ice skating, plus some old-school figure work which I am finding VERY therapeutic.

Clothing: I felt pretty rocking my LuLaRoe and Honey & Lace skirts this week, with the added benefit of them being cooler than my maternity shorts. Why are maternity shorts so long? For the most part I like having the option of rolling them up or leaving them long, but I am lazy and cannot be bothered to roll them up once I unroll them or the cuff falls out.

Toddler: Ella is 17 months old! Only one month away from being a year and half old. WAH! I have mixed feeling of excitement and sadness. Even with this baby on the way, I do not want to see my little girl grow up so quickly, but yay to increased independence and it is just so much fun watching her learn, discover, and grow every day. She is still extra droolly with no new teeth in sight and has become more talkative this week. I know, much like rolling over, I will question my excitement about this latest development but it is so gosh-darn cute for now.

Highlight of the Week: SharkCon! While it turned out to be more craft fair meets SCUBA convention, then educational as I had hoped; it made for an enjoyable couple of hours. Ella enjoyed seeing the fish and we bought some awesome shark and fish art from a local artist to decorate various rooms in our currently undecorated house. The educational activities that were there looked pretty cool, but I erred on the cautious side and avoided the preserved shark specimens and live dissection on display. You know, since toddler and bun-in-the-oven probably shouldn’t be breathing (and in Ella’s case, trying to ingest) ethanol or formaldehyde or whatever preservative agent was used.

Looking Forward to: my doctor’s appointment Friday and ultrasound in two weeks. Always good to hear sea monkey’s heartbeat and get the “everything’s ok” from the doc.

Follow along as this little adventure continues to grow over on the Bumpdate page!

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