Bumpdate: Week 23

Sarah at 23 weeks pregnant with baby #2 Sarah at 23 weeks pregnant with baby #2

23 weeks pregnant. How fast time goes!

Sarah at 23 weeks pregnant with baby #2

Sarah at 23 weeks pregnant with baby #2

Weight: Currently 151 lbs, so that puts me at up 17 lbs from my starting weight of 134 lbs. It feels like too big of a weight gain but the doctor didn’t say anything about it so I am trying not to let it freak me out. And I am blaming some of that weight on a full bladder, why do they weigh you then take the urine sample. Not cool doctors! Though I do intend to make a conscious effort to try to eat better; packing lunches, healthy snacks, and fruit to satisfy sugar cravings.

Sex: Still no clue, waiting for the pregnancy dreams to tell me, like they did with Ella. Sounds hokey but they were right with her.

Craving: Foods I can put mayo on and savory foods. This plus the boredom munching are probably the culprits behind what is feeling like too much weight gain. And I demolished another bag of sour gummy worms in less than 2 days; and I want more.

Aversions: I avoided my pasta and tuna lunch for several days before giving in and actually enjoying it.

Symptoms: A bump complete with active baby. Runny nose and shortness of breath. Braxton-Hicks.

Mood: Anxious and guilty have been my main moods this week. I recently had a friend and a coworker both lose their babies around week 25 and have been anxious knowing that I am quickly approaching it and then feeling guilty for making their losses about me. I mean, what kind of terrible friend am I?

Sleep: I got a new Fitbit Charge 2 and according to that I have been sleeping well, but I am still dragging butt. Bedtime is almost immediately after Ella goes down for the night around 9:30 pm and my morning alarm still comes too soon. I need to figure out how to work a nap into my day. I got to sleep in for an extra 45 min on Sunday. Thank you Paddy!

Missing: I want a hard cider or a glass of champagne stat…but I know I have another 17 weeks to wait.

Exercise: Even though the Fitbit failed to register my skating as exercise, I am still counting it. I have been making an effort to meet my goal of 8,000 steps a day and have yet to achieve that goal, but walking still counts. The whole family went swimming on Sunday because the afternoon showers finally took a day off and the pool is the perfect way to celebrate in this Florida heat.

Clothing: I have sported my maternity tankini twice this week and I think I could live it for the rest of the summer; except my boobs are getting a little too big for the cups. I probably should have gotten the size up but I feel like then it would still be HUGE and why spend the money if I am not going to fit in it. Either way, I stuff them in and make the best of it. I also broke out the maternity dresses this weekend. So light and breezy, even the clingy styles. I think these will be my new go-to outside of work.

Nesting: Baby will move into the nursery Ella is currently in, so I have a bee-in-my-bonnet to get her “big girl” room going and finished before November. I picked up color swatches this weekend and just have to decide between aqua or a light salmon/peach color for the walls. There was also a family trip to Ikea for frames for some artwork we bought at SharkCon; one of which is a 3 panel shark that I have full intentions of hanging up in her new bedroom. My thoughts have been turning to actually packing a hospital bag already. Earlier in the pregnancy I was toying with which hairbows to pack and what precious pink onesies to pack, since I was convinced baby was a girl, but now I want to really pack and I am having a difficult time stopping myself.

Toddler: She is more and more talkative every day and is always trying new words. She is also spending more time without her binky, which may have something to do with them disappearing/her hiding them and mommy and daddy not bothering to look for them. Ella got her first temporary tattoo at SharkCon last week and apparently has been a terror at daycare since. Hopefully she returns to being the beloved cutie after we washed it off this weekend. She was a wild little beasty at mass on Sunday thanks to the new mass schedule and the later one being our only choice because I slept. Note: I regret nothing!

Highlight of the Week: Can a whole day be the highlight? Saturday. I took Ella to the zoo and she was so much more interactive when it came to watching the animals and “talking” about them. She cooled off at the splash pad before we headed home for a nap. After nap time, we went to visit a high school friend in town from California with her almost 3 month old daughter. Ella was great with the little baby, just like daycare says she is, and wasn’t too jealous when I held the baby.

Looking Forward to: the second try anatomy scan. It will be a piece of mind to get that final “okay” on every growing inch of sea monkey.

Ella and Mommy selfie at the zoo!

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