Bumpdate: Week 24

24 Weeks and according to my pregnancy tracking apps, baby is now medically viable. A bit grim and optimistic at the same time.

Maybe it is a face only a mother can love, but that tiny grin melts my heart.

Weight: I don’t weigh myself weekly, so I am going to stick with +17…Or maybe that was another reason I was so shocked  by my weight at my last appointment; because I keep under estimating/refusing to accept that I should be gaining half a pound to a pound a week right now.

Sex: Beginning to give into the belief that sea monkey is a boy. Though I am uncertain whether these feeling have been influenced by comments by people who know; aka my sister and doctor.

Craving: Double fudge brownie ice cream.

Aversions: Chicken that has been in the refrigerator, again or maybe still.

Symptoms: bump, shortness of breath, Braxton-Hicks, leg cramps, heart burn, round ligament pain, runny nose, bloody nose, and increased morning sickness to which I have responded my increasing my morning sickness meds. On the bright side: lots of baby movement!

Mood: Happy and content, if a little bit antsy. I am feeling like I have so much to do in so little time now, when in reality it is a lot less than we had to do the first go ‘round.

Sleep: my Fitbit says that I am averaging 7 hours and 47 minutes of sleep a night. My body says that just is not enough. My parents watched Ella overnight this weekend and it was glorious to sleep in but I still found myself wanting to take a nap by midafternoon.

Missing: travel, I want to go somewhere, and SCUBA diving.

Exercise: Not so much this week. I chased our escaped rabbits around the neighbor’s yard for over 30 minutes on Friday night to no avail. Otherwise, just walking and I still have yet to achieve my 8,000 step goal. I have started doing cat/cow stretches while crawling around with Ella and trying to be conscious of my posture while sitting on the floor with her.

Clothing: Loving dress and skirts in the heat of Florida summer but they are not so practical for life with a toddler.

Nesting: Decided on the color for Ella’s bedroom and put the shark artwork into frames. Unfortunately, the room that is to become her new bedroom is an overwhelming mess and I was paralyzed by it within 15 minutes of trying to clean and organize the space. Paddy and I enjoyed two dates out to test-drive minivans. I go back and forth between excitement and disgust at this but the truth is; two rear facing car seats are no bueno in my Prius. And I feel like I need to have a car so I can begin shopping for car seat #2.

Baby’s Position: Breech, though I am assured baby has time to get to straight.

Toddler: Ella wanted to see the pictures of the baby after my anatomy scan, which was surprising to say the least. She is also beginning to show fear of thunder and I have no clue how to reassure her that it safe. We had serval rough storms blow through this weekend and with each boom of thunder she would scurry around the kitchen corner, then on seeing me chilling on the couch, would smile or wave and round the corner back to her merry business of making daddy crazy by throwing recipe cards around the kitchen. Side note: I have tried to stop her from throwing said recipe cards but that didn’t work. I asked Paddy to childproof the KITCHEN while I was still pregnant with Ella, and again when she started to crawl; he locked up the cleaning supply cabinets but it is not my problem he chose not to do everything within her reach. Bad mommy? Maybe. But I regret nothing.

Highlight of the Week: Baby flashed a huge smile while cuddling with his/her placenta during our second anatomy scan and cooperated perfectly for the tech. But that smile! It melted my heart and has had me smiling since I walked out of the doctor’s office on Friday.

Looking Forward to: a long weekend at the beach in August, Fernandina Beach trip in September. In the more immediate future, taking Ella to the aquarium with my sister in law and going to the zoo’s sunset celebration with my sister this weekend.

What to see where this bump started at? Follow along with my other Bumpdates here!

Are you a Minivan Mom? Do you love it or hate it? When did you make the switch? I am open for suggestions for car seat #2!

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