Bumpdate: Week 25

25 weeks and I can no longer see my feet when I look down!

25 weeks and 3 days pregnant with Baby #2

Weight: According to my mom’s bathroom scale, +20. I am really starting to panic about my weight gain.

Sex: I have had two dreams that Baby is a girl so far this pregnancy. I don’t count one of them because it was clearly emotionally driven but the girl dream I had this weekend was out of the blue, or would it be too cheesy to say pink. So maybe my mommy sense was working at the beginning of the pregnancy or maybe my dreams are off too. People are increasingly guessing that the bump is home to a baby boy, which part of me feels is true too. We will see in 15 weeks.

Craving: Double fudge brownie ice cream, fish, mayo, salt & vinegar chips…and I don’t even like vinegar.

Aversions: Pork chops, and anything with a strong smell.

Symptoms: bump, shortness of breath, Braxton-Hicks, leg cramps, heart burn, round ligament pain, runny nose, bloody nose, and continued morning sickness.

Mood: Overwhelmed, excited, sad that this pregnancy has flown by.

Sleep: averaging 7 hours and 17 minutes a night according to Fitbit and I need more sleep. By this point last pregnancy, I was starting to get up in the middle of the night for bathroom trips again and waking up with Charlie horses, and just generally failing to be comfortable enough to sleep. Thankfully, this time around I am sleeping like the dead. I wake up just enough to roll over to the other side when my shoulder and hip start screaming in agony and my leg cramps are only minor ones I can flex out without jumping out of bed (knock on wood).

Missing: Ice skating, coach says my belly is getting too big and making him nervous, so it is time to step away after next week. I already miss it.

Exercise: Ice skating, tried to do yoga while Ella was having a melt down with Paddy, but not even two minutes into it, I was feeling guilty and gave up. I think I may pursue a yoga practice away from YouTube while I am not skating, as an incentive to do it.

Clothing: I need more maxi dresses. They accommodate the bump, stay cool in the heat, and keep me decent even when I am sitting on the floor with my toddler.

Nesting: I want everything to be cleaned and organized, like now. Nesting is making me wonder why we have so much crap and making me want to go shopping, albeit for baby stuff, all at the same time. No progress has been made on preparing the “big girl” bedroom for Ella. Last night I realized she has never even been in her future room because it is too junky to be safe for her. Applied for a car loan so I can hopefully upgrade to my minivan soon. Then the hunt for a car seat begins.

Baby’s Position: It is beginning to feel like sea monkey may be turning head down; I’m crossing my fingers.

Toddler: Ella slept in the trundle bed we plan to borrow from my parents this weekend. I was nervous because we haven’t gotten rails for it yet. Thankfully she was either too sleepy or just well trained to realize she could get in and out of it on her own free will. She just sat in the middle of the bed a fussed until someone came and got her. This mommy is sad to see her baby girl making such big strides into big girl-hood already.

Highlight of the Week: Fun at the aquarium with Auntie; even the rain could not stop us.

Looking Forward to: a long weekend at the beach in August, and Fernandina Beach trip in September.

Ella found a new home while we were at the aquarium.

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