Bumpdate: Week 27

27 weeks. The final week of the second trimester!

No new bump picture this week. So how about some chocolate faced toddler cuteness instead?

Weight: 153, so up 19 lbs. Dr didn’t say anything about my weight so I am going to continue trying to eat healthy and try not to worry about it.

Sex: The world continues to drop Boy hints and so the Boy feelings continue. No new dreams to tell me what this sea monkey is; I hope they start soon.

Craving: Red meat and things to dip in mayo or ranch. Apple sauce and cherries.

Aversions: Anything I pack for lunch on workdays.

Symptoms: Growing and moving bump. Leg cramps, Braxton-Hicks, munchies. Heartburn. Runny nose and nose bleeds and bleeding gums. Light headedness, if I move too fast, eat too much or too little or think too hard.

Mood: I cycle between this feeling of all-encompassing peacefulness and an all-consuming anxiety about two kids and everything that I think I need to get done before this baby makes his/her grand debut.

Sleep: For the most part, amazingly well because apparently second trimester energy is skipping me this pregnancy. Saturday night I was up with what felt like real contractions, rising pressure bringing pain that holds for about 30 seconds then slowly releases, but only about 5 an hour. It took me forever to calm down enough to go back to sleep after they stopped.

Missing: Ice skating and feeling fit in general.

Exercise: Only whatever walking I am able to get in day-to-day life and cat-cow stretching. I keep saying I need to get serious about exercise, I just don’t have the motivation.

Clothing: I bought some new nursing bras and a couple of fun maternity shirts this weekend. My mom bought me a lovely pink pajama and robe set for after delivery

Nesting: Feeling the urge to pack my hospital bag. I started my registry on Friday and probably, almost certainly, registered for way too much. Like 47 items too much. But this inspired me to go through Ella’s toys to assess what would stay in the nursey for baby and what would go with Ella to her big room. A handful of baby toys were still in their packaging since Ella was more of a people baby than a toy baby. Unfortunately, the unopened toys were not things I had added to the registry the day before so I didn’t get to remove anything from the registry to help with my feelings of greediness. Can I blame nesting?

Baby’s Position: Doctor confirmed baby is head down…for now because it is still early for baby to be in position. She said to avoid downward facing dog though, so that I am not the one encouraging baby to move out of this “ideal” position.

Toddler: I found two tooth buds! I knew teeth were coming, but they are taking they’re merry time and in the meantime Ella continues to slobber like a bulldog. She also announced “two babies!” pointing at my belly. I am telling myself we are well clear of that danger, this pregnancy at least. Ella also celebrated her half birthday, 18 months! It is mind blowing the transformation in this tiny human in the last six months, not to mention the last 18 months. She talks more and more every day and I swear she adds a new word to vocabulary every day too. She has a huge personality and her smiles and giggles are infectious. She is amazing. Can you tell this mommy is in love?

Highlight of the Week: Starting my registry? Simply spending time with my family? It was a slow week with no standout highlights but it was a week full of happiness and joy.

Looking Forward to: Beach pizza, crepes, salt water, sea breezes, and kite flying while at the beach this weekend.

This week I had my one hour glucose challenge and I failed it. I know this is common and a lot of mommy-to-be’s pass the three hour glucose test with nothing to worry about. The same thing happened to me during my first pregnancy, but I am still upset about failing and nervous about the three hour. I feel like I should begin adjusting my eating habits now, so baby and I are taken care of regardless but I also want to indulge at all of my favorite restaurants on the beach this weekend. Stay tuned to see how this all plays out.

Follow along from the announcement over on my Bumpdates page!

Did you register for a lot of things when you were expecting your second, third, fourth child? How do you find the motivation to exercise while pregnant? Tell me about your gestational diabetes testing experiences; I would love to hear from you.

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