Bumpdate: Week 29

29 weeks. Eek!

Doing sea grass surveys at 29 weeks pregnant with Baby #2!

Weight: +22 ish lbs maybe?

Sex: I was beginning to feel confident that we would be adding a baby boy to our family in November, but I dreamt of a baby girl Sunday night. So that is 2 dreams for a girl and 1 dream for a boy.

Craving: Ice cream and pasta

Aversions: Bread and rice were unappealing this week.

Symptoms: The heartburn and leg cramps have ramped up this week. Sea Monkey is running out of room, so baby’s wiggling makes for a dancing belly for me and my maternity clothes can no longer hide it.

Mood: Feeling excited about our growing family and finally being able to snuggle this little one. Sad and guilty about the gestational diabetes diagnosis.

Sleep: I feel like I am snoozing between bouts of trying to get comfortable and trying to decide if I am feeling a contraction, gas, or just need to pee. My Fitbit assures me that I am getting over 7 hours of sleep most nights and achieve near average amounts of time in both deep and REM sleep. My body very much disagrees with Mr. Fitbit.

Missing: Sleep and my ice cream after I have eaten it.

Exercise: Still nope; outside of everyday walking and toddler care.

Clothing: This was the week of the bikini, again. After discovering how uncomfortable it was to cram myself into my maternity suit, I am perfectly content in my regular bikinis. I stole Paddy’s rash guard to cover the belly while doing seagrass surveys at work this week and wished I had it when I came dangerously close to slip in front of my mother-in-law during our Saturday at the beach.

Nesting: No improvement here either…But wait, I did add to my cloth diaper stash through the kindness of a friend and $100. I do feel a little guilty for short changing her because it was a good sized stash.

Baby’s Position: Head down and lower than Ella ever was, but limbs are everywhere.

Toddler: I feel like a kid with straight A’s after Ella’s 18 month check-up. 80 + percentile for height, weight, and head circumference, plus she passed her first autism assessment and we got praise for playing with her using “real” toys rather than electronics. The doctor doesn’t need to know that my lifesaver is letting her scroll through the camera reel on my phone when I really need a quiet toddler. She is in love with her swimsuits after spending most of last weekend in them and I scored the next size up swim diaper at Once Upon a Child for less than $3 thanks to their end of summer sale.

Highlight of the Week: Spending 4 days, 3 work and 1 weekend, taking in the salt air; closely followed by the one hour knitting lesson Paddy and I did after my three hour glucose tolerance test. Knitting is fun and it was fun to learn to do something together and talk about projects. Paddy has since been learning new stitches on YouTube and teaching them to me during naptime or after Ella’s bedtime.

Looking Forward to: Fernandina Beach this weekend with my parents and visiting my aunt. It should be fun to explore a new-to-me location in Florida.


So I have been officially diagnosed with gestation diabetes. What does this mean? Other than lots of finger pricks, I have very little clue. Dr. Google and Wikipedia talk about risks for a bigger baby and the possibility of becoming diabetic in the future, since apparently it usually goes away shortly after delivery. We shall see. I will be adding a Gestational Diabetes update to my Bumpdates to share what I am learning and how we are doing. Now to binge on my last ice cream until November…insert sad face here.

Any tips for managing gestation diabetes to share? I need them and I would love to hear from you.

Want to see more? Checkout my Bumpdates page to see how my second pregnancy has progressed.

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